Prajwal Revanna Sex Scandal: Woman Denies Being Kidnapped, Raises Questions

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Prajwal Revanna Sex Scandal: In a dramatic turn of events, the video testimony of a woman allegedly sexually assaulted by Hassan JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna has surfaced, amidst a flurry of controversy surrounding the incident. The video, which emerged on various social media platforms, presents a conflicting narrative to the accusations made against the politician.

Prajwal Revanna Sex Scandal Case

The scandal unfolded just days before the Lok Sabha polls on April 26, with over 2,900 videos reportedly leaked to the public. Among them was the video purportedly showing the sexual assault involving Prajwal Revanna. This revelation sent shockwaves through Karnataka’s political landscape, sparking widespread outrage and scrutiny.

Victim’s Testimony | Prajwal Revanna Viral Video

In the latest development, the victim, whose alleged kidnapping prompted a police investigation, has come forward in a video claiming that she was not held against her will by the MLA and his associates. The video, speculated to have been recorded before her rescue, features the woman asserting that she voluntarily visited a relative due to distress caused by the circulating videos.

Contrary to earlier claims, she states, “I did not face a problem from anyone, may it be Bhavani Revanna, Revanna, or Prajwal.” She further names Satish Babanna, an accused in the case, affirming that he treated her well and refuting allegations of any coercion or abduction.

Conflicting Allegations

The emergence of this video testimony has added layers of complexity to the already convoluted case. While the victim’s statement challenges the narrative of abduction and assault, it raises questions about the authenticity of the earlier accusations. Furthermore, Congress worker Naveen Gowda, one of the accused in leaking the videos, has pointed fingers at JD(S) MLA A Manju, alleging his involvement in the scandal. However, Manju has vehemently denied these accusations, calling for a thorough investigation into Gowda’s claims.

Call for Investigation | Prajwal Revanna Sex Scandal

In response to the conflicting accounts and allegations, the Congress government has formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the matter. Meanwhile, opposition parties, including the BJP and JD(S), have demanded a CBI inquiry to ensure impartiality and transparency in the investigation process.


As the Prajwal Revanna sex scandal continues to unfold, the conflicting testimonies and allegations have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the case. With political ramifications reverberating across Karnataka, the need for a thorough and unbiased investigation is more pressing than ever. As the truth remains elusive, the quest for justice for all parties involved remains paramount.

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