Prajwal Revanna video viral: 2976 videos on the pen drive

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Prajwal Revanna video viral: In today’s Karnataka sex scandal, a significant revelation has been made by a BJP leader. The BJP leader claimed to have received a pen drive filled with explicit videos beforehand, which was reported to the state president. The controversy revolves around the grandson of former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda and MP Prajwal Revanna, stirring up a storm in Karnataka politics.

According to reports, BJP candidate Devraj Gowda, who contested from Holenarsipur in 2024, wrote a letter to the state president, B.Y. Vijayendra. Media reports suggest serious allegations have been leveled against several leaders of the H.D. Deve Gowda family, including JD(S) candidate Prajwal Revanna.

The BJP leader stated that there are a total of 2976 videos on the pen drive, some of which allegedly feature government officials. Media reports claim that these videos are used to perpetuate sexual activities and for blackmailing purposes. The BJP leader also claimed that there were videos and photos on the pen drive that had reached Congress national leaders.

Advice against forming an alliance with JD(S)

In his letter, BJP leader Devraj Gowda wrote that if we nominate a JD(S) candidate from the Hassan Lok Sabha seat, these videos could be a potent weapon. Not only that, in his letter, he said that in the event of an alliance, allegations of supporting rapists could be leveled against our party. The BJP leader also advised against forming an alliance with JD(S).

The BJP leader suggests that it appears Prajwal Revanna is in the videos as he is visible in some parts. It seems he is the culprit, so I am demanding his immediate expulsion from the party.

Meanwhile, in this matter, Nagalakshmi Chaudhary, Chairperson of the Karnataka State Women’s Commission, said that the SIT has started its investigation, and the team has competent officers. Therefore, my concern is for the victims.

She said, “I have written to the CM and an SIT has been formed, which has received a pen drive with hundreds of videos.” (Prajwal Revanna Viral video Telegram link)

Betrayal of Trust: Exploitation within the Devegowda Family

The household maid of the Devegowda family revealed disturbing incidents where female staff members were subjected to sexual harassment whenever Prajwal Revanna’s wife was away from home.

Shocking Allegations: Attempted Abuse and Intimidation

According to the complaint, Prajwal Revanna attempted harassment towards the maid’s daughter, after which he blocked her number. (Prajwal Revanna Viral video Telegram link)

Police Action and Investigation: Pursuing Justice

Following the complaint by the female employee, the police promptly filed an FIR under IPC sections 354A, 354D, 506, and 509. The Karnataka Congress-led government has formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the case thoroughly.

Family Ties and Victimization: Exploitation Hits Close to Home

The complainant is a relative of Revanna’s wife, Bhavani. She alleged that sexual harassment began just four months after she started working at their house. Prajwal Revanna would engage in lewd conversations with her daughter over video calls.

Political Ramifications: Corruption Within BJP Ranks

State Minister Priyank Kharge revealed that several BJP officials received letters detailing rampant abuse by the Hassan MP. Despite this, he was still nominated by the party for the elections.

BJP Leader’s Letter to Party President | Prajwal Revanna video viral

In a significant development, Devraj Gowda, the leader of Karnataka’s BJP, penned a letter to the party’s state president, B.V. Vijayendra, on December 8, 2023. In the letter, Gowda raised serious allegations against several members of the Devegowda family, including Prajwal Revanna, amidst their alliance with the JD(S).

Shocking Revelations: Hidden Camera Footage Exposes BJP Officials!

Gowda disclosed that he came into possession of a pen drive containing a total of 2,976 videos, depicting explicit and objectionable content. Some of the videos feature women who are government officials, suggesting a potential case of blackmail and sexual exploitation.

Warning to the Party: Upholding Moral Integrity

Expressing concern, Gowda cautioned that if the alliance with the JD(S) continues and if Prajwal Revanna is nominated as their candidate for the Lok Sabha elections in the Hassan constituency, these videos could be used as a destructive weapon. He emphasized that such an association with a family accused of sexual misconduct could severely tarnish the party’s national image.

JD(S) MLA Adds to the Pressure | Prajwal Revanna video viral

The issue extended beyond the BJP leader’s letter as JD(S) MLA Sharangouda Kandkur also addressed a letter to his party’s president, H.D. Devegowda. He urged immediate expulsion of Prajwal Revanna from the party. Kandkur highlighted the embarrassment faced by the party due to the recent viral videos depicting sexual harassment.

Prajwal’s International Departure Raises Eyebrows

Recent reports indicate that Prajwal Revanna has allegedly left Bengaluru for Frankfurt, Germany. However, prior to his departure, he denied any involvement in the alleged conspiracy against him, stating that the viral videos are several years old and do not depict any wrongdoing.

Demand for Accountability: Shiv Sena Weighs In

Shiv Sena (UBTI) leader Priyanka Chaturvedi demanded the cancellation of Prajwal Revanna’s candidacy and his extradition from Germany to face legal proceedings. She stressed that bringing him back would ensure justice for the affected women and serve as a crucial step towards upholding the rule of law.

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