The Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple: A Journey from Kitchen Fun to Social Media Sensation

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The Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple: In the ever-evolving world of social media, food entrepreneurs are capturing the spotlight with their innovative recipes and engaging online presence. Among these rising stars is the famous Kulhad Pizza Couple from Ludhiana. Their unique take on pizza served in a traditional clay pot, or “kulhad,” has made them a viral sensation, and their entertaining videos continue to attract attention online.

Viral Video Sensation: The Kulhad Pizza Couple in Action

Recently, a video featuring the Kulhad Pizza Couple went viral on Instagram. In this clip, the couple is seen having fun in their kitchen, dancing to popular Punjabi songs while preparing their signature dish. The husband, Sahaj Arora, shared the video on his Instagram account, showcasing their playful and energetic cooking style. This particular video highlights their dynamic chemistry as they groove to the song “Addict” while preparing bread.

Persistent Popularity Amidst Controversies

The Kulhad Pizza Couple’s journey to fame hasn’t been without its share of controversies. In September of last year, a private video allegedly leaked, causing a significant stir on social media. This incident led to widespread trolling, but it also propelled the couple into the limelight. Later, in December 2023, they faced backlash from Nihang Sikhs for creating a reel on the song “Hai Re Duniya,” which contained offensive language. The couple received threats, including one to burn down their shop.

Recent Incidents and Continued Popularity

Despite the controversies, the Kulhad Pizza Couple remains a popular and influential presence on social media. On July 8th, Sahaj Arora shared a video on Instagram revealing that their parked car was attacked by unknown individuals, shattering the windows. The entire incident was captured on CCTV, further highlighting the challenges they face as public figures.

The Kulhad Pizza Couple’s story is a testament to how social media can amplify both the positive and negative aspects of public life. Their viral videos, such as the one showcasing their kitchen antics, continue to entertain and engage audiences, proving that their innovative culinary creations and lively personalities are here to stay

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