Beauty Queen Viral video: Malaysian Beauty Queen Loses Crown After Viral Holiday Video

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Beauty Queen viral video:In a controversy that has captivated public attention, a Malaysian beauty queen, Viru Nikah Terinsip, lost her title following the circulation of a video showing her dancing during a holiday in Thailand.

The incident has sparked discussions about the expectations and responsibilities of public figures, especially those representing cultural events.

Beauty Queen viral video:

Viru Nikah Terinsip, 24, who was crowned the Unduk Ngadau Johor title in 2023, found herself at the center of a social media storm when a video of her “dancing suggestively with scantily clad male dancers” during a vacation in Thailand went viral. The video quickly drew mixed reactions from the public and authorities.

Public and Organizational Response

The Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA), which oversees the Unduk Ngadau pageant, criticized Terinsip’s behavior as inappropriate for a public figure.

KDCA president Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan announced that Terinsip would be stripped of her title, emphasizing that her actions were inconsistent with the values expected of titleholders.

“This would not be an issue if she was just an ordinary person,” Kitingan stated. He further explained that the KDCA did not want to attract negative attention and hoped this incident would serve as a warning to future contestants.

Terinsip’s Reaction

Hours before the official decision, Terinsip took to social media to voluntarily return her title. In a heartfelt video, she expressed her acceptance of the consequences and clarified that her decision to relinquish the title was made independently and with integrity.

“I joined the Unduk Ngadau competition by my own will and returned this title without coercion. I respect my decision,” Terinsip said. She added that the title does not define her worth and emphasized the importance of self-belief and personal values over public recognition.

Cultural Expectations and Modern Realities

The Unduk Ngadau pageant, held annually during the Kaamatan cultural event in Sabah, celebrates the spirit of Huminodun, a mythological figure known for her beauty and purity of heart, mind, and soul. Winners of this title are expected to embody these virtues, and any deviation can result in significant backlash.

Kitingan highlighted the mixed public reactions to Terinsip’s video. While some found humor in it and sympathized with her, others were disappointed and vocal in their disapproval. This incident underscores the tension between cultural traditions and the personal freedoms of individuals in the public eye.

Personal Accountability

Terinsip’s response to the controversy was notable for its maturity and grace. In her video statement, she acknowledged her imperfections and called for understanding. “Everyone makes mistakes,” she said, urging people to leave her family and friends out of the controversy as they were not involved.

She also expressed gratitude for the support she received from netizens, encouraging them to focus on more pressing issues. “The title is not everything. It is about believing and valuing myself,” she reiterated, highlighting her commitment to personal growth and self-respect.


The incident involving Viru Nikah Terinsip has sparked widespread discussion about the roles and responsibilities of cultural representatives.

While the KDCA’s decision to strip her of the title reflects the organization’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Unduk Ngadau pageant, Terinsip’s dignified response has garnered respect and empathy from many quarters.

This controversy serves as a reminder of the high standards expected of public figures, particularly those associated with cultural and traditional events.

It also highlights the need for a balanced approach that considers both cultural values and individual rights.

As the public discourse continues, it is hoped that this incident will lead to a more nuanced understanding of the pressures faced by public personalities and the importance of compassion and fairness in judging their actions.

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